Proactive & insightful financial support and advice.

Hi, I’m Paul, the founder of Enrich Accounting.


After spending years working for corporate clients, I wanted to have a bigger impact on the community. I noticed that smaller business owners regularly asked for advice. They were not receiving the same insight and support, even though they are just as vital for the economy and the local communities. Therefore I decided to offer this service to businesses in 2020, to help all businesses grow and reach their potential.

I’m passionate about innovation, and seeing how developments in the finance sector can support businesses to better manage their finances and improve decision making through better insights. Social responsibility is also important to me, so my advice will not always be about the margins, but what is right for the community longer term.

Businesses hire me to improve their financial performance, reduce their workload and increase their financial freedom. This includes:

  • Developing insightful reporting and strategies to improve profit margins
  • Establishing and monitoring business key performance indicators
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Automating processes to free up time for value adding activities
  • Tax planning to maximise potential savings


I work remotely with clients in the UK.

About Paul
  • CIMA qualified accountant, holding Members in Practice certification
  • AFC Bournemouth fan
  • Father to 4 adorable (but loud) children!
  • Loves running, especially along the beachfront

Spending some relaxing time with the girls!

The kids were only ever going to be allowed to support one team!

The latest addition to our family (the lockdown baby)!