How do you work?

I provide reporting and insights remotely. We hold a monthly virtual meeting to discuss how to reach your goals. The support I provide will be tailored specifically to your needs.

What do you need access to?

I require access to your cloud accounting finance system. If you currently do not use this type of system, I can support your transition across to a suitable solution.


How many days per month?

This is flexible based on your needs, but a minimum of 1 day a month is required for a recurring service.


Why use a virtual finance director?

The benefit of using a virtual finance director is that you only need to pay for the services actually provided, not an annual salary! I will only work the hours you need or can afford, and will focus on strategic improvements instead of getting bogged down in the day to day operations.

How will you be effective straight away for our business?

Many of the key financial metrics and reporting are standardised across UK businesses. During the discovery call and initial planning session I will identify any unique areas specific to the business where I require further guidance.

What experience do you have?

A qualified accountant since 2009, with 19 years’ experience in the finance world. I have experience encompassing a variety of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to multi-national corporations, in high growth environments as well as mature businesses. This experience across the whole finance spectrum gives me the knowledge to add value to your business.

What if we already have a bookkeeper or an external accountant?

Your bookkeeper is likely to focus on the more transactional side of the finance work (i.e. supplier invoices and payments). My focus is on supporting you strategically to achieve your financial goals.

If you have an external accountant, it depends on the services you have signed up for with them. If they only provide your annual accounts and tax computations, then it’s your choice whether you want these to remain with your current provider, or whether you want me to take these services on as well.

Why are you called Enrich Accounting?

I felt the word “enrich” had two connotations when choosing the brand name. Firstly, the purpose of my services are to enrich the reporting & insights provided to you as a business owner. This drives improvements in decision making. Secondly, I also want you to be “enriched” personally. Improved financial results enable you to enjoy greater flexibility around lifestyle choices for you and your family.

Social responsibility is also an important value for me. Therefore I want to support companies committed to “enriching” the wider community, through supporting the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. We’re all in this together to make a positive difference to the world.