At different stages of your company’s life, you are likely to need some additional funds. This could be either to manage a short-term cash flow situation, or potentially to help you grow your business further.

What cash flow options do I have to access funds?

If you need access to additional funds, below are some of the routes you can take:

Quick to access

  • Company Credit Card – can be used for emergencies, but make sure you can afford the required repayments in time
  • Bank overdrafts – usually provides a quick option for cash flow, and you only have to pay interest on the amount overdrawn (as well as a set-up fee). However the overdraft amount is repayable on demand.
  • Invoice factoring – this is where you sell your customer debt to a third party at a discounted rate (i.e. 97% of the total value) to receive funds in advance.

Options that take longer to access

  • Asset finance – this is where you borrow money against an owned asset (i.e. a car or machinery). If you are unable to meet repayments, the asset will be repossessed.
  • Peer to peer loans – sites such as Zopa or Funding Circle provide access to private lenders, which may provide easier access than the banks.
  • Small business grants – you may have to meet certain conditions, and contribute a similar amount to a project, but go to to see if any funding is available to you
  • Bank loans – a longer term loan, the bank is likely to ask for security against the loan though
  • Crowdfunding – sites such as Kickstarter or Crowdcube enable you to raise funds in exchange for either rewards or equity. There is less risk of involvement from any interested parties.
  • Investment from Angel Investors – Investors will normally provide funds in return for a stake in your business. You should consider whether you are prepared to give us this stake, and also if the investors expertise will enhance the areas required to drive business performance.

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